Living Sacrifice Ministries

Living Sacrifice Ministries

Serving Him through Serving Others

Bethel Evangelistic and Rehabilitation Centre

Bethel Evangelistic and Rehabilitation Centre, founded in 1992 by Rev. Dass and his faithful wife Molly, with the loyal support of family and the Saints who believed in his calling, brings the Word of God to the poorest of Indian communities. You can read of the early life of this family called to ministry on the Bethel web site at There, yo u can also find a complete photo gallery and many ways in which you can partner with these saints, who are truly showing those of us at Living Sacrifice Ministries what it is to live sacrificially!

Rev. Dass of Bethel with his wife Molly

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It has been some time since my last video post and while this one is short, I pray that what it lacks in length it makes up for in content. The topic, "God's Grace", is the message of the entire Bible and the central theme of the true Christian church. 

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