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Dayspring Junior Academy is an educational institution that was developed to provide early childhood education and development, in order to address issues facing the local community of Mbita town in Kenya, including; poverty, poor health and nutrition and unemployment.
 Dayspring Junior Academy is not just a school for early childhood education, it is a home away from home, where children can express themselves and develop their social, physical, emotional, mental and of course educational needs. It is a place of safety and equality where children can use self initiative and build leadership qualities through child centered learning.
Children also learn important lessons on hygiene, local diseases, including HIV/AIDS, which is responsible for a large number of the children being orphaned. It is a place where children can learn, play and not feel hunger pains in their stomachs, after having a good breakfast of porridge and full nutritional meal for lunch every day.

Understandably not everyone can get themselves to Kenya to come and support the children of Dayspring Junior Academy, so; if you, your school, business, workplace, community or organization would like to take the opportunity to create a partnership, sponsorship or fundraising program for Dayspring Junior Academy please send us an email.
Anything from a small personal contribution to a unique fund raising idea (maybe a fancy African ‘Dress for Kenya’ day, community bake sale, or student and teacher sponsorship program for example) would be joyfully welcomed and of immense support to the children of Dayspring Junior Academy.
There is also always a shortage of learning materials for the children, including; pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, paper and sports equipment etc. So if you, your school or anyone you know has these things laying around unused they would be most useful to the children at DJA.

School Objectives
Based on the regions problems, Dayspring JuniorAcademy hopes to address:

1. The provision of basic quality education that will enable the children to:
- Speak in English and Kiswahili (The two nationally spoken languages of Kenya).
- Understand simple arithmetic’s.
2. Provide safe drinking water to the young ones and good nutrition in order to prevent relevant water borne diseases and other nutritional related illnesses, thus reducing the child mortality rate in the Mbita region.

3. Enhance medical provisions to children suffering from chronic diseases.
4. Protection of the environment by introducing education on rubbish disposal and recycling. Discouraging deforestation and introducing tree planting.
5. Provision of social and emotional support to children that are abused and/or orphaned.
6. Community mobilization on the importance of early childhood education and development.
7. Health interventions, sensitizing the community on ways to avoid certain diseases, including HIV/AIDS and also how to live with them.

Dayspring Gospel Tabernacle Church 

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It has been some time since my last video post and while this one is short, I pray that what it lacks in length it makes up for in content. The topic, "God's Grace", is the message of the entire Bible and the central theme of the true Christian church. 

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