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Grace Ministry-Church of the Apostle

In the town of Newkru Town,Bushrod Island, Liberia, a coastal township that has been riddled with a horrific fourteen year civil war that stripped the nation of over a quarter of a million people, the people are still rebuilding a struggling country over a decade later. The number of widows and orphans left as a result of this lengthy war, the second civil war in the lifetimes of many Liberians, was followed by the recent Ebola outbreak in 2014.
The faith of great Christian leaders such as Pastor Daniel Stepney at Grace Ministry-Church of the Apostle, have been instrumental in keeping hope alive for the people of this region.  Below are some photos of Pastor Daniel and the church he is honored to oversee. To contact him about how you may assist his efforts, please email him at

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It has been some time since my last video post and while this one is short, I pray that what it lacks in length it makes up for in content. The topic, "God's Grace", is the message of the entire Bible and the central theme of the true Christian church. 

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