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Intern/Volunteer Opportunity

Posted by lsministries121 on May 24, 2018 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (3)


Living Sacrifice Ministries, a local ministry dealing with growing churches in developing countries is in need of at least one individual to assist with administrative duties.


Our mission:

“The mission of Living Sacrifice Ministries is to provide teaching and training tools for churches and ministries in developing nations. Driven by the call for Christians to give sacrificially in their lives as expressed in the Bible, we partner with one another in accessing resources to fulfill this goal.”


Our current need is for an individual who can help with tasks such as helping put together a database of our Ministry Partners, organize and maintain the photos and videos sent by Ministry Partners, occasionally help with website updates, and other miscellaneous administrative tasks as they may arise.


This is entirely a volunteer ministry. It is understood that interns/volunteers are students and that therefore availability may be limited.


For questions or if interested, please contact:


James M. Dakis, D.Min.

Living Sacrifice Ministries

[email protected]



Needs atBethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre in India Grow Greater

Posted by lsministries121 on September 29, 2014 at 3:20 AM Comments comments (0)

This letter came to me today from one of our Ministry Partners making a tremendous impact in India. Please read it prayerfully and ask God if there is anything you can do to help alleviate some of the suffering, or assist in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry team working diligently in the area is overworked and not paid for the work they do, and your blessing to the ministry is greatyl appreciated.



Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre


Bethel Campus. Elathagiri – Post, Krishnagiri – Dist, Tamilnadu, India – 635 108




28th/September – 2014 Rev. T. Arvind Mohan Dass


Director. & .Senior Pastor.




Mobile : +91-09750371175






The Small Flock of the Lord Jesus in India is Fund Raising,




for the desperate needs of His Kingdom Expansion.




Neither I nor my family is benefited, either indirectly or directly.




I and my family continue to serve Him by faith and the Lord is faithful in meeting all our needs.




I am not begging or forcing people to contribute. People who are in missions would understand, the concept of “Missions fund raising”.




This is a golden opportunity for you to add more souls on your behalf in a foreign mission field, where yo9u can’t physically go and preach.




A unique Opportunity for you and your family to Co-work with Lord Jesus Christ, Where the Holy Spirit of the Living God is in mighty move in touching souls and manifesting Himself through miracles and wonders.


In fact You are partnering with Lord Jesus Himself! He will bless you abundantly with your generation.




One Day Crusade on 08.11.2014


1. We need, 700- Euro, for the annual 1day Gospel Crusade to be held in Bethel Campus on the 08.11.2014. Rupees 700 worth warm blanket (or) sweater will be distributed to 50 selected aged men and women from various villages where we have our associate churches. The rest of the funds will be used for the meeting expenses. We hope to reach 200 – 300 people that single night. –This is our dear son Rudy’s 1st Death Anniversary.




2. A Free Bible for Every New Follower Of Jesus Christ:


The Lord Jesus opened my eyes to see the desperate need for His word with every single “Newly Baptized believer” from non-christian who come from poor rural villages who have no access to buy a bible from the Bible Society. I get it for a concession prize of Rs.100/per copy. (about 1.5 –euro). Our immediate need is 500 copies of Tamil bible. ( I am getting this from “Seed ministries International- Bangalore). INR.50,000 is needed. ( 700 –Euro).




3. Support National Pastors & Evangelists in India:


Bethel is connected with nearly 35 associate churches, where our native ministers of the Gospel have proved faithful in winning souls for the Lord and have established themselves. Their small congregation is of poor daily labourers who earn a living by working in the fields of rich land lords. For the consecutive 5 years rains have failed agriculture industry. This would mean that these people have no jobs. Income to the church in a week in some churches is less then INR. 50/- Obviously it is difficult for the families of the pastors to survive and educate their kids. Adopt a national pastor and contribute 100$ as a monthly support, till he can stand on his own. This way you bless the whole congregation by giving them a pastor.




Give us Drinking water – Desperate Need:


4. Bethel campus has an “Open well” –(52ft deep) and 2 tube wells; one with 450ft depth and the other with 650 ft depth. Both have stopped yielding water. In the 650ft deep tube will, we have a “Submersible Motor” sunk in 250 feet depth. We planned to sink it 50 more feet. We purchased the tube, wire and the rope etc. But the tube would not go more than the present 250 feet depth. Something is blocking the tube going down further.




The solution is to flush the tube well by bringing the “Compressor Rig” and re-bore it. This will cost us 45,000/-Indian Rupees. (650–Euro). We now by 4500 lit of water, once in 4 days. And each load cost us 500 Rupees. We also buy drinking water from the town. All our coconut trees, gova trees and other berries 30 years are dying.


By the grace of God, Molly and other kids are doing well. I am already 64 and I naturally grow in the Lord and in His Holy Spirit. It is manifested in the mission fields and in all areas of our daily walk with him. We pray for the persecuted body of Christ in hostile lands – in many states of India, in Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and other parts of the world. Apart from Bethel Molly and I support other missions from our tithe.


Remember my friend and dear brother in the Lord that I cover you with “Powerful prayers” prayed in the Holy Spirit with tears. Molly and I Love you from the depth of our hearts. We need your prayers, as there are fierce attacks of the demon in the lives of our daughter’s lives.


I write this prayer letter after much prayer and consultation with the Father in heaven. And I send it to people who know us and to some people who write to some times. I HAVE ONLY ONE (OR) TWO friends who support. I thank these friends. If the Lord would raise just 10 supporters who will give small offerings and if Bethel would receive 1,000 $ every month, His ministry will grow fast. He is able to raise 10 friends. Pray for this too!




Rev. Arvind & Molly






Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre – India

Reverend Arvind and Molly Dass of Bethel Evangelistic & Rehabilitation Centre

New Year/New Beginning

Posted by lsministries121 on January 8, 2014 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (0)

It is not uncommon for people to make New Year's resolutions every January 1st. If you are like most of us, they are usually to break a bad habit, start excersising, eat better, be more organized, study harder, save money, or if you aren't sure exactly where you went wrong last year, you may give yourself a general, "Be a better person" goal. Of course, the first group of these are often broken within weeks, days, or even hours of being made. (I once was a man who was going to stop smoking, light up his first cigarette at 12:15 a.m.).The second ones are a bit ambiguous. After all, what is a "better" person? Who sets the standard, and what part of your life must be "better"? What if I am going to be a better person, and start doing better at work, but at the cost of neglecting my family? What if I spend time being "better" at helping my family, but neglect my personal walk with God? There are endless scenarios where I can decide to pick and choose an area to better myself at the expense of other areas, only because I choose an area that 1. I enjoy more 2. Is more visible and gets me recognition 3. Is easier 4. Has some other benefit. In reality, being a "better person" is relinquishing myself entirely to God's will for my life and dying to self completely. This is a daily challenge, and a humbling one, as I must do so in a world says that I am entitled to whatever I want or can earn, and that nobody has the right to stop me or tell me otherwise.

Serving Him through Serving Others



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