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Bible Studies

Studying the Bible is much more than simply reading it. A book can be read from cover to cover like a novel to glean a story without being studied. A text book can be read and facts learned without true concepts being understood or appreciated. A history book can be read and dates and names learned without knowing why things happened or how they impacted future events. 

Study takes time and intent. There is no one right way to study the Bible. I have been involved with many group Bible studies through the years as well as doing my own, private study, both in Bible College and for my personal spiritual growth and can say that even in my own experience I have seen a number of different ways that people approach their study of God's Word. One thing, however, stands true with each person who is true to his or her study and that is a genuine desire to learn all that can be from the sacred text that God has given us. 

It is my hope that through the written and recorded study guides provided that I can give some help here. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions for topics that you would like to see covered. 

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