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Living Sacrifice Ministries

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Church of Jesus Christ  Star of Bethlehem-Haiti

The Church of Jesus Christ Star of Bethlehem, shepherded by a saintly and godly Pastor Jean Fritz Afaron, is located in the heart of Haiti. Although a Caribbean nation, it is the poorest country in the Americas as measured by the Human Development Index. Political violence has occurred regularly throughout its history, leading to government instability. Most recently, in February 2004, a coup d'├ętat originating in the north of the country forced the resignation and exile of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. A provisional government took control with security provided by the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). Michel Martelly, the current president, was elected in the 2011 general election. (Wikipedia) This makes challenges of faith difficult as the people of this small island nation have had their hopes dashed and trampled countless times in recent years.
However, with the work of a faithful and devoted staff, Pastor Jean has worked diligently to form a safe refuge for all who wish to learn about the Gospel of the One True King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have a heart to assist in this mission, you may contact the church through their pastor at [email protected].

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