Living Sacrifice Ministries

Living Sacrifice Ministries

Serving Him through Serving Others

With a church in Suna-Migori, Kenya, Pastor George Siso and his team have made a mission of building churches in their small communities, and spreading the Gospel to neighboring towns throughout Kenya and Tanzania with the help of other faithful saints. Included in their work for the King of kings includes helping orphans, widows, those displaced due to war and disease, and holding small home Bible studies and church meetings. Recently, with a newly started Bible study at Living Sacrifice Ministries, a more comprehensive study of Scripture is being made available.
The greatest need for this ministry in addition to prayer is currently Bibles to distribute to those in need, and help with the ever growing shortage of food and medicines.
When the Ministry Partners of Living Sacrifice Ministries in East Africa were finally able to send Bibles to some of the churches in the area, Pastor George was designated as one of the District Directors who would help in this project. This, along with the other tasks he would undertake were no small job, and to add to it, were a host of health problems this saint endured as well.
In the end, the Lord called him home last month, and this brother and friend was promoted to glory where he will spend eternity with His Savior. Leaving behind his wife and children, brother and mother, as well as many others who loved him, please do not forget the work of this godly man and Pray for Congregation of God Church in Kenya.

One thing that has made Congregation of God Church so strong is that Pastor Charles Otieno Siso, in the wake of his brother's going to be with the Lord last year, along with his brother Jared, have kept the church not only going but growing. As evidenced by the photos of this conference held in October 2016.  If you would like to contact Pastor Charles personally about the ministry of the church, feel free to contact him at: 

 Po Box 200-40400,Suna-Migori,Kenya

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