Living Sacrifice Ministries

Living Sacrifice Ministries

Serving Him through Serving Others

Centro de Restauracion Espiritual Iglesia Templo Yo Soy (CREITYS), Inc.

Ministering to people on the largest island in the Caribbean,  in the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic,Centro de Restauracion Espiritual Iglesia Templo Yo Soy (CREITYS), Inc. answers the mission to go to the poorest people in the hemisphere. Haiti, a nation itself born of rebellion when a slave revolt created the small country in 1804. There is still much turmoil and  unrest in the nation, but the mission of CREITYS will not let this stop God's work from being done.

The other island nation which shares the same land mass is the Dominican Republic. One advantage the Dominican Republic has over its neighbor is its size and wealth, as it is a much sought after tourist attraction. However, the Dominican people are still just as hungry for the Gospel, and Pastor 

Pastor Danilo Medina and a staff of dedicated saints serve this mission on the island.  More can be found out about them at

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