Living Sacrifice Ministries

Living Sacrifice Ministries

Serving Him through Serving Others

Gill's Youth & Children's Ministry-Lahore, Pakistan

Most people who think of a person who spends the time studying in the specialized field of dentistry as a person who, although filled with a compassion for people, would be more familiar with the sterile walls of an office with sanitary equipment and white lab coats. While the daily routine of Dr. Sonia Gill is certainly filled with this, a side of her that has been called by God to minister to a very different group of people who may not have ever even considered the advantage of dental care, are the children of the slums of Lahore, Pakistan. 

As well as being a skilled professional in a family of professionals, (both her brother and sister are attorneys), Sonia also received training in London in the art of dance, and plays the guitar. As such, she takes these skills to the street and teaches dance, music, and physical fitness and sports as a way to introduce fun and activities to children, bridging the gap as a way to then bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them.

lahore, pakistan

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