Living Sacrifice Ministries

Living Sacrifice Ministries

Serving Him through Serving Others

The following are the words of Pastor Harsha Kumar, explaining some things about the work to which he has been called,

"We are involved in the ministry in reaching the unreached through door to door and personal evangelism, distributing gospel tracts, forming and conducting house Churches and prayer groups in the midst of opposing and difficult conditions to save the perishing souls. I am also visiting different churches in preaching
and encouraging the Churches to be missionary sending Churches to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. We want to see the Churches in India turning to be the fulfillers of Great Commission Churches. We encourage young men and women for the missions especially for the Church planting ministry."


Specific needs of the ministry are listed below, as the outreach goes to families, orphans, the sick, outcast, and even lepers. Pastor Harsha is not affiliated with any one particular church, so he does not have his own congregation, but speaks often to believers around the region, and more importantly, reaches out to the undiscipled who have never heard the Gospel. 

He tells me specifically, in his words, of the following needs,

"1. Bible training school

We want to train the young man and woman who are called for the ministry of the Lord and send them out to reach  the unreached and to plant Churches.

2. Support the poor pastors

There are many poor pastors who are having poor congregations.  We want to give support to these pastors monthly so that they may be involved in reaching the unreached in an effective manner.

3. Women tailoring centre

There are several widows, single women who are vulnerable and stricken by the clutches of poverty due to which they find very difficult to survive.  We want to give them one year of tailoring training so that they learn different techniques of tailoring skills needed to be self relient and self sufficient to survive themselves.  The sewing machines provide the possibility of self support and aroad out of poverty and provide the women with dignity, an opportunity of improving their life and away of experiencing the love of Jesus.

4. Care for the orphan, semi orphan, poor, neglected and street children

We want extend care, protection and education to the children both by institutional care and day care centers as per the need of children

5. Nutrition bags and medicines to the AIDS children

We want to give nutritious food and medicines to AIDS children so that they may be healthy.

6. Old aged home

There are many old aged people who are neglected and abandoned by their families and we want extend care and love to the old aged people.

7. Institutional care to the mentally ill people

There are many mentally ill individuals who are often seen in the roads and streets who treated badly and neglected.  We want give institutional care by extending medical and counselling assistance  to them.

8. Mobile medical assistance to the sick people.

There are many remote tribal villages where the health facilities are not available to them. In rural and tribal areas, nearest hospital could be miles away due to which some times loose their lives in emergency and critical conditionns.Mobile medical assistance to these people in remote villages will really enhance their health standards.

8. Medical and food assistance  to the people affected with leprosy

In India, strong stigma and discrimination is attached to the people affected with leprosy which can result in exclusion from their family and community and loss of employment.  People affected by leprosy are prevented from accessing community resources such as water or marrying normal individuals and excluded from festivals, religious areas and education etc. As a result of stigma and diHarsha Kumarscrimination, people with leprosy often experience a loss of dignity and feel fear,shame, hopelessness, guilt and psychological disorders. Please pray for the people with leprosy as they are disadvantaged in many aspects of  their lives. Especially pray for their physical, mental, social and spiritual needs

Please pray for the above mentioned ministerial needs so that the Lord may open doors to  reach out and serve the people. please be assured that you and your family and ministry are continually in our daily prayers and thoughts

Yours in His Service
Pastor Harsha Kumar"


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