Living Sacrifice Ministries

Living Sacrifice Ministries

Serving Him through Serving Others

Holy Grace Tabernacle

Pastor Nehemiah Sanjay's and his family have chosen to sell some of their family possessions in order to  help support the needs of the church. 

In the town of Vijayavada, Andhara Pradesh, India, Pastor Nehemiah Sanjay's has used his anointed gifts to bring the Word of God to the people of this South Indian community. At Holy Grace Tabernacle, a church that realizes the need to feed the poor, hungry people who make up so much of the population, and spread the loving message of Jesus Christ in a country that is over 80% Hindu, the Holy Spirit fills the heart and message brought to the humble church and all who come to listen.

Shown in the video and photos are not only those who come to hear the word and be fed physically and spiritually, but also the work being laid to meet the requirements of this growing ministry. If the Lord lays it on your heart, I would ask that you stand with Pastor Nehemiah in prayer for the needs of this ministry. You can also contact them at  +91 81870 07006 or  +91 98495 07732. Pastor Nehemiah is also on Facebook at

Serving Him through Serving Others,

Reverend James M. Dakis, D.Min.

As needs of the church have expanded, new construction is underway. The faith of those doing the work is matched by their willingness to put in long hours of  hard labour.  Two things still in great demand are  faithful prayer warriors and people who can help  financially support this ministry.

The ministry of Holy Grace Tabernacle also include going right into the streets and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, holding worship services not only in the church's own building, but wherever a makeshift one can be found. In addition, feeding the poor through meals and giving of food for the homes is a way of showing Christian charity. New believers are welcomed into the family in celebration of baptism in local waters, just as they were in Biblical times. 

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