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Why Jesus Wept

One of the most known events of Jesus' ministry was when He raised Lazarus from the grave. Not only did He perform this miracle by bringing back to life His dear friend, but He also showed deep emotion by weeping. It may be questioned why, when He knew that Lazarus would live again, would our Savior weep, and in this lesson I try to shed some light on a very plausible reason for this.

Comfort in the Spirit

As the time came for Jesus to go to the cross, His disciples were left with the uncertainty of what would come next. Fortunately, Jesus gave them the assurance that the Holy Spirit, or "Comforter", would come to be with them.  As Christians today, we must never lose sight of the fact that He is still with us.

Anger-A Four Part Series

Anger is an emotion that we all deal with one way or another, whether we feel it or are faced with the wrath of others. Our society has given us plenty of negative images of how we are suppose to feel about being angry, from guilt to shame, and while some of these are valid, we must realize that some anger is justified and in fact, sanctioned by God.
In this four part series, we will examine many aspects of this delicate emotion from a Scriptural, rather than psychological standpoint. 
In this the second lesson on Anger, we continue learning some of the differences between selfish anger which serves only our personal aim and emotion, and that of Righteous Indignation, or justifiable anger in the name of what is right in God's eyes, and for the glory of His Kingdom.

As we continue our study on anger, there is more to examine about the feelings that we sometimes harbor in our hearts against others. How is it that we are expected to forgive everybody, all the time? Does this always mean restoring relations to what they use to be? Things aren't always as simple as that, as we find out in this, our third of four in this series.

As we conclude out series on anger, a final look is made at how to deal with the anger of other people in our lives, and how this often will bring out anger in ourselves. Do we need to make adjustments for this, or are there times when relationships simply need to be severed?

One Body, Many Parts

As a Christian Body, we have one duty, to glorify God, but as individual parts of that body, we all have different parts we play. Knowing that we are all uniquely different, with none more important than the other, is critical for us as Christians.

Ten Commandments

The following is, by no means a complete and comprehensive study of the Ten Commandments. In fact, I have learned more about them while preparing these lessons, and have received more study material on the subject to further my knowledge. Please, if you find these useful, check back from time to time for other video or written studies, but never neglect your own independent study, as the Holy Spirit will guide you as He sees fit.
Serving Him through Serving Others,
Pastor Jim

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